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Career Coaching

Finding your way in your career is not always easy...

There are times when you need to stop and reflect:


✅ you want to change roles within your current company: lateral move or promotion

✅ you want to move to another company or another country

✅ you are thinking of going free-lance, or contractor after full-time employment


✅ you have taken a sabbatical for 6 months minimum and you need/want to get back to work.


✅​ you want to change career.


✅ you have been made redundant and you need quickly a new job.

✅ you want to practice mock-interviews and get a psychometric test.

Doing this transition alone is not easy.

Your partner/ family/close friends are not always your best advisors as they tend to be biased.


You need an objective person that can be fully into your listening.

Someone who can facilitate the decisions you have to make.

Someone who can give you tools to help you make those decisions.

Someone who fully understands how AI impacts the world of talent acquisition.


✅ I have been a senior professional in large corporates and start-ups. I understand both worlds.

✅ I have also been a senior executive search consultant for over 18 years in the Technology space and Financial Services space. In the UK and internationally.

✅ I have done extensive personal development for 15 years. Which has allowed me to understand and know myself but also to get a deeper connection with people.


I am passionate about helping people to become the best version of themselves. 

I am passionate about uncovering their strengths, their frustrations, their wants, their hidden blocks and paving a clear way for their career.


If you work with me, this is the promise I make to you.

✍️  Email me and write

      CAREER in the subject line

Career Coaching  | Psychometric Tests | Mentoring | LinkedIn Profile Review | CV Review | Personal Branding | Executive Coaching

Working at home

 For a LinkedIn profile Review and CV Review

Talent Acquisition Consulting

✅ I help HR Directors to put in place a cost effective Recruitment Strategy for:

CEOs, and Senior Heads of departments, Middle-Management Executives and Executives/Professionals across Sales, Marketing, Finance, Professional Services, Product Management and Product Development.



✅ I also help start-ups in Technology and Financial Services to do team evaluations with psychometric tests.

I provide the tests, and discuss the results with the relevant HR and management team.
This can allow redeployment of Talent in the company.


✍️  Email me and write

      TALENT in the subject line

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