We provide a 365 degrees executive search service from sourcing candidates, qualifying them, referencing them and supporting the delicate time of package negotiation.

We work on a retained basis for most our mandates. This provides a platform of commitment and integrity for, candidates, our clients and us. Candidates do not get approached by multiple recruiters. The message about the role communicated to them is clear and impactful.

Our clients take the time to give us valuable feedback on each candidate introduced and qualified by us.

We search for

  • Senior Executives: CEO, Heads of departments. 

  • staff in the whole Sales vertical, from Pre-Sales Associate to VP Sales / Marketing, Product Marketing Director..


We provide a shortlist of 5 candidates within 3 to 6 weeks, after thorough qualification and referencing.

Our process is highly customised to meet our clients' requirements.

In some cases, we work on a contingency basis. Usually such clients retain us for subsequent searches after seeing the quality of our work.

We work essentially for Fintech companies - Financial Technology.

We cover Europe, Africa, North and South- America, Middle-East, India, Hong-Kong, and Singapore.


We coach senior executives who want to make a move in their career. Depending on what they are trying to achieve, we advise them on the best approach for that important next step.

We create videos on their career and future expectations, that they can forward to investors or CEOS/Chairmen of target companies.. Working with them on these videos make them go through many realisations about themselves.

If they want a deeper coaching, we work in partnership with an associate who goes through many aspects of themselves.