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Principle Selection: Your Trusted Partner in Technology Recruitment for Fintech, AI, Web3, and any Software/SaaS Companies, from Start-ups to companies of up to 500 employees. We want to empower you with winning teams that will bring you to your next growth milestones, without having to waste your time on recruitment. Allowing you to do what you do best: run your business.


When it comes to finding top talent in the ever-evolving world of technology, Principle Selection is your go-to partner. We specialise in technology recruitment with a strong focus on the dynamic field of Fintech. However, our expertise extends beyond Fintech, encompassing a wide range of domains and industries, including AI, Web3, and SaaS.


Our skilled recruiters have deep industry knowledge and experience working with firms in various sectors, including but not limited to:


  1. Payments: Revolutionising the way transactions are made, ensuring seamless and secure financial transfers.

  2. Crowdfunding: Empowering individuals and businesses to access capital through online platforms.

  3. AML/KYC: Safeguarding against money laundering and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

  4. Risk and Anti-Fraud: Protecting businesses from financial losses by identifying and mitigating risks.

  5. Compliance: Assisting companies in adhering to industry regulations and standards.

  6. Personal Finance: Transforming the way individuals manage their finances and achieve their goals.

  7. Digital Currencies/Bitcoin: Pioneering the future of decentralized digital currency and blockchain technology.

  8. Blockchain: Leveraging distributed ledger technology to revolutionise industries like finance, supply chain, and more.

  9. Remittance and International Money Transfers: Simplifying and speeding up cross-border financial transactions.

  10. Equity Financing: Enabling businesses to secure capital through equity investments.

  11. Consumer Banking: Enhancing customer experiences and providing innovative financial solutions.

  12. Insurance: Innovating insurance processes and products for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  13. Cybersecurity: Protecting businesses and individuals from evolving digital threats.

  14. Artificial Intelligence: Harnessing the power of AI to drive innovation, automation, and intelligent decision-making.

  15. Data Analytics: Extracting valuable insights from vast amounts of data to drive informed business decisions.

  16. Capital Markets/Trading Solutions: Transforming trading processes and providing cutting-edge solutions.

  17. Web3/Metaverse: Shaping the future of the internet with decentralised technologies, virtual worlds, and immersive experiences.

  18. any Saas or Software companies.


We understand the unique challenges and talent requirements in these domains and depending on the stage at which you are, we provide you with the right DNA Talent.


At Principle Selection, we are committed to understanding your specific needs and culture. We tailor our search to find candidates who not only possess the required skills but also align with your organisation's values and goals. With our extensive network and proven recruitment strategies, we deliver exceptional talent that fuels your company's growth and success.


Ready to ignite your success in the world of technology? Contact Principle Selection today and let us unlock the potential of your organisation. Together, we'll build a team that drives innovation, propels your business forward, attracts investors and creates lasting impact.


Technology/ Fintech / Cybersecurity / Artificial Intelligence / Blockchain / Data Analytics / SaaS / Web3 / Metaverse


CEOs, and Senior Heads of departments, Middle-Management Executives and Executives/Professionals across Sales, Marketing, Finance, Professional Services, Product Management and Product Development.



Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director, VP Sales, Chief Information Officer,  Chief Revenue Officer, Sales Director, Chief Technology Officer, Product Management Director, Marketing Director, Professional Services Director, Head  of Software  Development, Chief Architect, Product Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Executive, Inside Sales Executive, Account Manager, Sales Specialist, Technical Consultant, Program Manager, Product Marketing Manager.

We also help overseas Technology companies wanting to establish themselves in UK, Continental Europe and the UAE to find the right Talent.

You are a client:

We provide a 365 degrees recruitment service from sourcing candidates, qualifying them, referencing them, and supporting the delicate package negotiation.


We work on different models: as a trusted Talent Acquisition Partner, or on retained project based. Depending on your needs and the level of roles you are recruiting for. 


Our international reach includes but is not limited to: UK, EU, Middle-East and  Africa, USA,  Singapore, Hong-Kong, India,


Whether you are in growth mode, fund-raising or restructuring mode, we assist you in all your recruitment of Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Professional Services, Finance and Technical Staff.


For Senior Executive roles we provide the highest quality of service with confidentiality, making sure we leave no stone unturned.

Psychometric evaluations are also made available to you with our HR partner.

Audit of your existing teams are also available via our HR partner.

You are a candidate:

If you belong to the industries we cover and the types of roles we cover, we invite you to submit your resume or CV with a short note describing your current situation,  and aspirations.

We maintain a high level of confidentiality and handle your data with the care it deserves. From time to time, we don’t hesitate to give you suggestions on how to make your  CV a better reflection of who you are.


We cover permanent and free-lance roles.


For technical roles, we can also provide contract jobs.

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