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As Technology Recruitment experts, with  a  strong  focus in  Fintech, our recruiters work with firms  which happen to be ( but not limited to ) in the following domains:


Payments, Crowdfunding, AML / KYC, Risk, Anti-Fraud,  Compliance, Personal Finance, Digital Currencies/ Bitcoin, Blockchain, Remittance,   International Money Transfers , Equity Financing ,Consumer Banking, Insurance, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Capital Markets/ Trading  Solutions.


And with any Technology company as long as it is Software and/or Services


Technology/ Fintech / Cybersecurity / Artificial Intelligence / Blockchain / Data Analytics


CEOs, and Senior Heads of departments, Middle-Management Executives and Executives/Professionals across Sales, Marketing, Finance, Professional Services, Product Management and Product Development.



Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director, VP Sales, Chief Information Officer,  Chief Revenue Officer, Sales Director, Chief Technology Officer, Product Management Director, Marketing Director, Professional Services Director, Head  of Software  Development, Chief Architect, Product Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Executive, Inside Sales Executive, Account Manager, Sales Specialist, Technical Consultant, Program Manager, Product Marketing Manager.

We also help overseas Tech companies wanting to establish themselves in UK, Continental Europe and the UAE to find the right Talent.

You are a client:

We provide a 365 degrees recruitment service from sourcing candidates, qualifying them, referencing them, and supporting the delicate package negotiation.


We work on different models: contingency, or retained project based. Depending on your needs and the level of roles you are recruiting for. For Senior roles, we advise the retained model in order to maintain discretion and the best presentation of the role to candidates.  Ultimately the choice  is yours.


Our international reach includes but is not limited to: UK, EU, Middle-East and  Africa, USA,  Singapore, Hong-Kong, India,


Whether you are in growth mode, fund-raising or restructuring mode, we assist you in all your recruitment of Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Professional Services, Finance and Technical Staff.


For Senior Executive roles we provide the highest quality of service with confidentiality, making sure we leave no stone unturned.

Psychometric evaluations are also made available to you with our HR partner.

You are a candidate:

If you belong to the industries we cover and the types of roles we cover, we invite you to submit your resume or CV with a short note describing your current situation,  and aspirations.

We maintain a high level of confidentiality and handle your data with the care it deserves. From time to time, we don’t hesitate to give you suggestions on how to make your  CV a better reflection of who you are.


We cover permanent and free-lance roles.


For technical roles, we can also provide contract jobs.

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