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Principle Selection

Embark on a transformative journey with me
to achieve your career success

that aligns
with your deepest aspirations.

With 18 years of senior executive search
and knowledge of personal development techniques,

I am super equipped

to give you
the best experience to succeed:







✨ your job hunt​ing   ✨ your branding ✨ your career change  ✨ your career promotion
✨ your start /end of career

 My Values

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✨Empathy  ✨Integrity  ✨Empowerment
✨Commitment  ✨Deep Listening 
✨Respect  ✨Confidentiality
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Services Offered

Career Coaching

Talent Acquisition Consulting

"I attended one of Catherine's webinars helping job-seekers understand the current recruitment landscape. I couldn't recommend it more! If you've not been through recruitment in the last year, you need to know - times have CHANGED. AI trackers, use of LinkedIn, scanning of CVs -it's a different world and if you don't keep up, you'll not do well in job applications. In Catherine's (FREE!!!) webinar, I learned so much about these areas and totally changed my approach to job-seeking afterwards. It's inside help from the recruitment world, from someone with bags of experience. Excellent!"
                                                            Chris Mather
"I had the pleasure of connecting with Catherine during a consultancy session. I must admit, in a landscape saturated with webinars and online sessions, she stands out with her profound expertise and knowledge in her subject, as well as her sincere commitment to helping others. She delved into every topic with clarity, addressing questions accurately. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone looking for guidance in navigating the complexities of professional growth..."
Ekin Mahiroglu
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Contact Me


Principle Selection Ltd

Third floor

86-90 Paul Street



United Kingdom



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