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  • We work only with companies who treat their employees with equality of gender, sex orientation, race and color, and no discrimination of age.

  • Integrity is the foundation of all the work we do.

  • We always thrive at completing searches in the fastest possible way.

  • We treat candidates as people and not as CVs.

  • We have a very transparent dialogue with our clients.

  • We always provide objective feedback to our candidates.


Executive Recruitment

We offer you an elite methodology 

Business Law

Executive Search

  • What guarantee do you offer on  placements?
    It varies. For contingency placement, we offer a 6 months guarantee. For retained projects roles, we offer one year guarantee.
  • How long does it take to get the candidates  once  Principle Selection gets the mandate?
    It varies between 2 weeks to 6 weeks. We either provide you with a qualified shortlist of candidates or we introduce you to each candidate we deem fit as they come. You decide.
  • Do you work on contingency or on retained basis?
    We do both. It depends what you expect from us. This is being discussed with you. For some critical or senior roles, the retained model is advisedd as it creates a more confidential and professional search environment. You don’t get two recruiters approaching the same person.
  • Do you always interview candidates before introducing them to us?
    Yes always. We make sure they are qualified for the role and that their personality fits the role and the culture of your company.
  • Do you provide video presentations of your candidates?
    Whenever possible we can do so. It depends on the candidates’ availability.
  • What do you provide regarding each candidate you interview?
    We provide their CV, plus our report. And a video whenever required. We can also handle psychometric tests for each candidate if you request it. This comes at an additional cost.
  • Can  you also handle psychometric tests for our current employees  when we need to assess them?
    Of course we do. We work with our Partner Loch Associates, and they provide the psychometric tests. That way you get a thorough evaluation of the candidate, which proves to be very valuable for senior roles.
  • Do you recruit internationally?
    Yes we do. Mostly in Europe, UKI, USA, Middle-East, Africa, Singapore, India.
  • What kind of recruiters do you use for the searches?
    All our recruiters are senior graduates.
  • For Technical roles, what types of contracts do you offer?
    We tend to hire permanent employees. Sometimes clients ask us for contractors. The pay comes directly from the employer to the person we place.
"I am impressed by her capability to remain connected with her network, she is more than a service provider, she likes long term relationship.."

Dr Bruno Gerard, CEO of Oxand



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